I love music. I love the Word of God. If you are a reader of the Book of Psalm from the Bible, I believe you can relate to some of the chapters hearing David crying to God asking Him where He was.

Times when I was reading the Psalms, I felt like it was speaking for me.

In this new album by Chandler Moore entitled Feelings, he has reached to the depths of his soul and brought to words what a lot of us are feeling.

My favorite song on this album is “Where Are You”.

Words like…

I'm discouraged...
Who can save me from this pain?
My soul cries out
Where are you now?

And true to the Psalm of the Old Testament…after we cry out

then we realize…

I'm sitting in my tears
You're sitting right here
It feels good just to know
You still hold me close...

..So many of us are hurting

..trying to find God in all of this mess

I believe this song will bring you to your knees.

A song with only the words and a piano, but you can feel the power, the hurt, the crying out..

Is that you today?

Are you hurting..

Are you planning on this being your last day…

Has it become too much for you to handle…

Listen to this song…

Find your way back to the Living….

I can honestly say that this is probably my number one song of the year.

I do not know this artist and I am not getting paid for this review.

I have never met this man, but would consider it an honor.

My prayer is that this song will become very special to you.

Your life and struggles are very real…

And there is is a Father that is very real!

Through His son Jesus Christ we are FREE!